Trusted Network Setting

Brainstorm Creative Consulting applies a paradigm shifting methodology to traditional market research. TNT, or Trusted Network Testing©, was designed to facilitate more accurate and reliable data from the consumer and B2B markets.

In this research system, groups of demographically diverse participants (representative to the geographic target) are organized through online portals. These groups are optimally prepared using a proprietary process that delivers honest and unadulterated market data. It is this system that allows us to gain unparalleled insight to market conditions and responses. This is how we create “best-to-market” strategies, rather than the pedestrian “go-to-market” plans of traditional firms.

h1Conceptual Engineering

Normally reserved for disciplines like architecture or programming, Conceptual Engineering has broad based applications within the BCC ideation system. This structured innovation model allows BCC to produce solution-set creativity and delivery-driven campaigns for any industry or individual dynamic.

Brainstorm Creative Consulting method of applying Conceptual Engineering to corporate, political, and social problem solving is the differentiator. It is also the reason that we do not disclose or advertise the processes involved in our consulting engagements. We succeed in over-delivering for our clients by adhering to this unique system.