The Brainstorm Team consists of group of individuals who have extensive experience in:
product/service development, social networking, web-based and traditional sales
and marketing, finance and business operations.

Brainstorm Creative Consulting enables start-up and emerging businesses to combine the disciplines of macro and micro analysis with operational activism.

Operational Specialists

  • Chris Andrzejak
  • Gary Cousino
  • Lawrence Garcia
  • Jeff Jantz
  • Kevin Landau
  • Dan Metelsky
  • Michael Murrary
  • Orest Melnyek
  • Tony Merlo
  • Jon Oren
  • Michael Pokorski
  • Brian Roberts
  • Teddy Skokos Jr.
  • Dr. James Weber
  • Adam Wellman
  • Mike Ward
  • Tom Wright
  • Mike Richards

Our Partners

Our partners have developed dozens of patented technologies and dozens more are pending. We have furnished intellectual property and successful consulting services for companies in 10 foreign countries and all across the United States. We have over 100 years of creative/design consulting, 150 years of IP consulting, and 200+ years of marketing and general business consulting. Our engineers and scientists are at the bleeding edge of their practice areas. We put together project teams that are efficient, effective, and affordable.